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Our values

Nubaq Network

Our clubhouse members have the power of a strong network in all fields related to real estate investment & management. This provides our clubhouse members with premium privileges that are not offered to anyone.

Secure Info

We believe our clients' personal & financial info is our responsibility. Our practices are regulated to keep your privacy.

Validation System

We only work with trusted & validated developers & brokers so that we can ensure valued deals for our clubhouse members & privacy.


- Premium Real Estate Consultations & Guidance through trusted Nubaq agents
- Deal Assistance & Facilitations
- Property Management & Maintenance through a network of partners such as Clean Dean Services

About us

Nubaq is a real estate clubhouse, that provides all sorts of property consultations, facilitations & management.

Nubaq has its own workflow that ensures providing 360° support for its community.

Simply,Nubaq exists to make the real estate market better. Better for clients, developers & brokers.

We'll take the stress out of the buying and selling process.

In a world where luxury is dictated & lifestyle is imposed, we lost what made us original. We lost the power of choice. Seeing things as they truly are, with no

Makeovers give us the power again to understand, to see & to choose.

Choosing is Power. A Power that we’re giving back to the people. For the people, to the people.

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